Office of Chronicler

Position Description

TN-ChroniclerThe Chronicler is responsible for publishing the Wye’s Mouth, the newsletter for Wyewood.
The Chronicler is also in charge of keeping the history of Wyewood, taking minutes at official Wyewood meetings, and supervising maintenance of the Wyewood web site.


The Chronicler of a Local Branch of the SCA must be a current member of the SCA, Inc.
You must maintain your SCA Membership for the duration of your term in office.
Terms of office in Wyewood is traditionaly two years.
The applicant must be at least 18 years of age in order to hold this office.

Although not required for this office, it is recommended that the Chronicler have a working telephone number.
As email has become the approved medium for the dissemination of information and communication within the Barony and the Kingdom at large, daily access to both email and the Internet is recommended.


Edit and publish the Wyewood newsletter (the Wye’s Mouth) on a regular schedule.
As electronic formats come and go, it is recommended that all issues of the newsletter be printed and kept in the Chronicler’s files.
Although not a requirement of the office, it is recommended that you have some editing experience and, since at present the Wye’s Mouth is presented electronically on the web site, some experience with HTML or other web publishing formats should be helpful.

Keep copies of articles, artwork, and other items submitted for publication in the newsletter.

Take minutes at business meetings, officers meetings, and other Barony meetings as appropriate.
Minutes of the business meeting should be made available to the populace, usually by inclusion in the next published newsletter.

Maintain a history or Grete Boke for Wyewood.

Send complimentary copies of the newsletter to the King, Queen, Crown Prince and Princess (if applicable), Kingdom Seneschal, and Kingdom Chronicler.

Submit required reports to the Kingdom Chronicler.
A newsletter is sufficient as a report, provided that it contains minutes for business meetings, including an attendance count.

The Chronicler is expected to inventory and maintain any Barony regalia, property and records assigned to or held by them.
They are expected to transfer these items in good order to their successor or to the Seneschal if no successor exists.
They are expected to arrange advertising for, or the training of a successor.
They are expected to attend regular officer and business meetings unless prior arrangements are agreed to.
They are expected to submit a yearly office budget to the Barony Financial Committee.

Maintain the printed handbook and update as needed to keep in compliance with the governing documents of the SCA, Inc.