Office of Herald

Position Description

TN-HeraldThe Herald is the officer responsible for coordinating heraldic activities within Wyewood.
As per the An Tir Handbook the Herald will handle courts and ceremony, track awards, and assist in the process of registering the names and devices of Wyewood members.


The Herald of a Local Branch of the SCA must be a current member of the SCA, Inc.
You must maintain your SCA Membership for the duration of your term in office.
Terms of office in Wyewood is traditionaly two years.
The applicant must be at least 18 years of age in order to hold this office.

Although not required for this office, it is recommended that the Herald have a working telephone number.
As email has become the approved medium for the dissemination of information and communication within the Barony and the Kingdom at large, daily access to both email and the Internet is recommended.


Supervise and/or coordinate heraldic activities at local events.
Attend events sponsored by your branch and coordinate field and court heraldry at the event, or arrange for this to be done.
This does not mean that the herald has to do everything—just that they have to make sure it gets done by someone.

Keep copies of submissions forms and other heraldic paperwork on hand, to be available to the populace.

Ensure that information is made available to Wyewood concerning heraldic activities in the general area and Kingdom.

Be available at Full Contact Socials and other Wyewood activities and events to answer heraldic questions and help with name, device, and badge submissions.
Assist individuals with heraldic submissions.

Be available to herald court for Wyewood’s Royal Representatives (or arrange for the heralding to happen by someone else).

Hold regular heraldry nights, if there is sufficient interest among the populace to warrant doing so.

The Herald is expected to inventory and maintain any Barony regalia, property and records assigned to or held by them.
They are expected to transfer these items in good order to their successor or to the Seneschal if no successor exists.
They are expected to arrange advertising for, or the training of a successor.
They are expected to attend regular officer and business meetings unless prior arrangements are agreed to.
They are expected to submit a yearly office budget to the Barony Financial Committee.

Maintain the printed handbook and update as needed to keep in compliance with the governing documents of the SCA, Inc.