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Baronal polling has been extended. Please, send in your form!

Greetings all,

Please tell everyone you know who live in the borders of wyewood to send in their polling form. The crown is really looking for feedback on our selected candidates. So much so, they have extended the polling deadline for them.

The biggest issue we are probably having is that we have 4 baronies in a 40 mile radius and I’d guess, on average, half of the people who “live” in any given barony probably either play with the neighboring barony, or just on a kingdom level. In the past, people who don’t play with us have been hesitant to voice an opinion on our internal issues. But according to the SCA inc, those people *are* a part of us. (Face it. Legally…. you are stuck with us. 😉 )
Also, if your minor children are SCA members, they probably got a polling form too. While you may feel that your child is too young to have a say, their voice still counts towards our total population.

That includes people who live outside of Wyewood but play with us. Send their Magisties a missive explaining this along with your opinion of our current candidates.

So, please, please! send in your polling forms and independent letters. Even if it is simply to say something like: ” I live here but don’t play here” Or, “This individual is 6 years old and is too young to voice an opinion.” Or, “I only play at kingdom level, not local.” Or, “I play in Wyewood but don’t live there.”

Any reply….. positive, negative or neutral is much, much, *much* better than no reply at all.

IMPORTANT: While this response rate “problem” has been an major issue for us in the past, I have just (now) been assured by people in the know that a low response won’t affect our baronial status. But, it could affect the selection of who will be replacing Gabri and myself.

Since I also figure that the people who play with someone else won’t be reading this on the Wyewood lists. So I will be trying to forward this to the surrounding baronies.

Thank you for your time and attention.

In service to the Kingdom, Crown and the Barony.

Baron Robert (de la) Trinitie (the chickenhearted)
Baron of Wyewood.

Gabrielle Lepinay.
Baroness Wyewood.

Baronial Polling – Candidates

Greetings Wyewood.

This Friday at the FCS we will have an opportunity for you to chat with and ask any questions you may have of the baronial candidates. Although we had a number of candidates nominated only one couple was able to accept their nomination; Lady Alessandra and Lord Evrard. Below is the letter of intent that was submitted as well as both of their SCA resumes.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

In service,

Deputy Seneschal

*Letter of Intent*

Unto Their Royal Majesties Eirik and Driffina, Their Royal Highnesses Kjartan and Sha’ya, Their Excellencies Robert and Gabrielle, and the wonderful populace of the Barony of Wyewood, do we, Lord Evrard de Valogne and Lady Alessandra da Montefeltro send our warmest and most humble greetings. This letter shall serve as our honest intention to put ourselves forward for consideration as candidates to serve as Baron and Baroness of Wyewood.

To that end, we acknowledge and can accept the commitment of three years of service to the Barony of Wyewood, of which we have seen the responsibilities as laid out in Corpora and in the baronial customary. If chosen, we intend to make ourselves available to the populace through all means be that in person, phone, email or social media.

Our vision for the future of the barony is to foster growth. Growth not only through creating a welcoming environment for any newcomers but also by encouraging all of our populace to explore the many opportunities available within our barony, the kingdom, and Society. To improve quality and increase enjoyment of everyone’s’ participation.

Service and expanding knowledge is very dear to both of us. We are both currently officers of this barony and marshals. We attend practices and project days. In addition, teaching and taking courses in new skills has deepened our appreciation for The Dream and has kept us both participating for over 20 years. It would be our goal to inspire others to find their path, wherever it may lead.

We wish to serve as Baron and Baroness out of our love for the Barony – our family. The populace has gained notice for its dedicated service; hospitality; open welcome of visitors, old friends, and new members; and their support of each other and the barony. Guiding gently, maintaining the Baronial tradition of fun and welcome, we will continue to foster the feeling of community by building upon the efforts of our founding coronets.

Wyewood is full of amazing individuals and the Baron and Baroness are nothing without them. As such, we intend to support our officers and populace to the utmost of our abilities. We will also rely on them to help make our vision a reality. As representatives of the Crown, we will be open to our populace; listening to them, their thoughts, their feelings, and relaying those opinions to the Crown as well as communicating the wishes of the Crown to our Populace.

We remain in service,

Evrard de Valogne, AoA, GdS, OGGS, JdL
mka David Keil,

Alessadra da Montefeltro, AoA, GdS, JdL
mka Denise Garlington,

*SCA Resumes*

*Name:* Evrard de Valogne

*Arms:* Argent, on a pale between two pheons azure an arrow inverted headed
of a fleur-de-lis Or.


AoA- AS 39 An Tir
Companion of the Fork – Wyewood AS 39
Companion of the Knife- Wyewood AS 40
Companion of the Spoon- Wyewood AS 40
Goutte de Sang- AS 42 An Tir
Wye Knot- AS 42 Wyewood
Grey Goose Shaft- AS 43 An Tir
Green Leaf- AS 44 Madrone
Gwraidd- AS 44 Madrone
Tsveti (blue)- AS 45 Madrone
Jambe de Lion- AS 45 An Tir
La Compaignie de la Forche (Wyewood) AS 50
Began SCA in 1991 at Junefaire. Started shooting archery in the same year.

*Arrow Making/ Fletching:*
Started fletchng my own arrows in 1992. Have crafted over 1500 arrows in my career for myself and fellow archers. I greatly enjoy the creative process of crafting beautiful precision equipment and the constant learning of new and old techniques.
Champion's Arrows

Started with Wyewood in 2003, quickly became deputy to branch herald.

Restarted archery in Wyewood in 2004, became Chief Archer. Since then archery has been a major force for the branch in numbers, activity, a ccomplishments and service to the kingdom.

*Training and outfitting new archers: *

In addition to fletching arrows I also am a resource of finding suitable bows for new archers. I will find used bows on ebay/craigslist for reasonable prices, clean the bows up from just removing old tape and leather to completely refinishing the bow.

*Armor Manufacture:*

Participated in a weekly armor workshop for 3 years in Wyewood at Tristan de Ver’s home. Developed a Cherbourg style plastic plate body armor covered in leather and assisted in making 24 sets for prospective and current fighters. We made gorgets, gauntlets, greaves and vambraces of mostly leather and plastic. Also gave basic instruction in fighting techniques.

*Marshalling: *
Warranted TAM in 2004, Senior in 2006.
Warranted Junior Armored Combat Marshal in 2004, Senior in 2010
Thrown Weapons Marshal in 2006, Senior later that year.
Combat Archery Marshal in 2008, Senior in 2010

*Armored Combat:*
One of the original Fyrdmen of Wyewood, fought sword and shield for seven years.
Combat Archer for Clan Carn from 2009-Present, Lance Corporal


Chief Archer of Wyewood 2004-05 Re launched archery in the branch in 2004 and fostered it to its current strength of over 70 archers registered in our groups listing.

Wyewood Herald from 2005-07

Contingency Deputy to the Kingdom Royal Archer 2007-2011 Assisted with re-write to the Book of Target in 2010. I also was the MIC of the Kingdom Protector Tournament for two years.

Chief Archer of Madrone 2007-2011 MIC for September Crown as the hosting branch and three time MIC for Emprise of the Black Lion and Lionhearts archery championship.

Madrone Herald from 2011-2013
Clan Carn Herald from 2009-Present
Wyewood Baronial Marshal and Chief Archer 2015-Present


Archery Bracers and Arrow Quivers
Armor Construction


Basic Archery, Intermediate Techniques on a weekly basis at the Wyewood archery range.
Target Archery Marshalling
Target arrows construction of modern and medieval styles
Combat arrow construction


Midhaven Archery Champion AS 42-43
Madrone Archery Champion AS 43-44
Archery Champion of Druim Doinnean AS 45-46
Wyewood Archery Champion AS 48-49


Dearbhail ingean ui Donnchaidh- 9/2008 Order of the Grey Goose Shaft 6/2/2012
Wulfwyn Aethulfwulfsdothor- 1/2009; Order of the Grey Goose Shaft 1/25/2014
Tymme Lytefellow- 1/2009; Order of the Grey Goose Shaft 5/31/2014
Aetheria de Fleury- 3/2012
Dragomira Sokolov- 8/2013
Aurora Prindle- 8/2013
Giulia Stanizi- 5/2015


*Name: *Alessandra da Montefeltro (registered May 2005)
*Arms:* Azure, an open book and on a chief Or a quill pen fesswise between two lozenges Gules (November 2013)

*Current Affiliations*
Barony of Wyewood, where I live and play; Sep-2011 to Present
Member of Clan Carn; Aug-2010 to Present
Protege of Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol

*Offices Held*
Seneschal of the Barony of Wyewood, Apr-2015 to Present
Crier Listings Editor, Feb-2011 to Present
Deputy Seneschal of the Barony of Wyewood, Apr-2013 to Apr-2015
Kingdom Lists Minister (KLM), Jan-2003 to Jan-2007
Subscribing Member, 1996 to Present
First event – September Crown 1995 (AS XXX)

*Kingdom Awards*
Award of Arms (Skepti Ravensfury & Asa Starradottir), Jul-22-2000 (AS XXXV)
Order of the Goutte de Sang (Thorin Njalsson & Dagmaer in Hvassa), Sep-4-2004 (AS XXXIX)
Order of the Jambe de Lion (Ieuan Gower & Gwyneth Gower), Sep-14-2013 (AS XLVIII)

*Non-Armigerous Awards*
Star of Eisenmarche, Mar-27-1999 (AS XXXIII)
Companion of the Royal Company of the Sable Rose, Argent
Green Leaf of Madrone
Princess’ Knot of Avacal; given by HRH Bryjna Lovisdottir of Axewater, Feb-2011 (AS XLV)
Prince’s Favour of Tir Righ; given by HRH Alden ap Owain, Mar-2011 (AS XLV)
Princess’ Talon of Favour of Tir Righ; given by HRH Katherine Moore, Mar-2011 (AS XLV)
Forget-me-not; given by HRM Dagmaer in Hvassa, Jan-2012 (AS XLVI)
Forget-me-not; given by HRM Astrid av det Fjord Landskap, Jan-2013 (AS XLVII)
Forget-me-not; given by HRM Caoimhe ingen Domnaille, Jul-2013 (AS XLVIII)
Princess’ Knot of Avacal; given by HRH Sadb ingen Thuathail, Aug-2013 (AS XLVIII)
Bountiful Hand; given by TRM Ieuan Gower & Gwyneth Gower, Jan-2014 (AS XLVIII)
La Compaignie de la Forche (Wyewood); given by Their Excellencies Baron
Robert de la Trinitie and Baroness Gabrielle Lepinay, Mar-2015 (AS XLIX)
Bountiful Hand; given by TRM Savaric Coeur-de-Lion & Dalla in Fagra, May-2015 (AS L)
Forget-me-not; given by HRM Dalla in Fagra, Jul-2015 (AS L)
Order of the Jeweled Ring (Gleann Abhann); given by HRM Joan of Ooc, Oct-2015
Forget-me-not; given by HRM Mary Grace of Gatland, Jan-2016 (AS L)

*Guild Memberships*

Madrone Pewters Guild
An Tir Lampworkers Guild
Royal Company of the Sable Rose
Madrone Sewing Guild
Embroiders and Embellishers’ Sub-Guild


Marshal: Warranted Junior Armored Combat Marshal in Aug-2013
Retinue: Royal and Baronial beginning in Jul-2011
Embellishment, especially blackwork
Lists, local to kingdom level
Pewter casting
Glass etching
Silk painting

Barony of Wyewood – Baronial Polling

Baron Robert de la Trinitie and Baroness Gabrielle Lepinay request nominations for those who would succeed them as the next Baron and Baroness of Wyewood.

Nominations should be sent to Lady Ameline de Beaumont at by May 15th, 2016.

Letters of Intent and Resumes are due on May 27th, 2016 – please forward copies to Baron Robert and Baroness Gabrielle at; and the Wyewood Deputy Seneschal (Ameline de Beaumont) at

Documents from all applicants will be forwarded in a single package to Their Majesties.

The following schedule outlines the remainder of the polling process:
June 5th, 2016 – Polling forms will be mailed;
June 10th, 2016 at 7:30pm – Candidate meet and greet with the populace at United Christian Church, 15509 116th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058;
June 17th, 2016 – Polling form deadline, forms must be postmarked by this date.

Only current, paid members who reside within the boundaries of the Barony are eligible to receive a polling form. Officers and Sergeants residing outside this area must contact the Deputy Seneschal (Ameline de Beaumont) with proof of membership and mailing address no later than June 5th, 2016.

Those who do not contact the Deputy Seneschal by this deadline will not receive a polling form. Anyone who does not receive a polling form is welcome to send comments to the Crown directly.

Additional questions may be directed to Lady Ameline de Beaumont, Deputy Seneschal of Wyewood, at

Wyewood Winter Feast – January 16th, 2016

Greetings unto the populace of Wyewood and those that call her Friend,

Harvests are safely stored for the winter, sheep recalled from the high pastures before the onset of the snows, and the hearth prepped to keep the seeping chill at bay. With quiet within the woods and calm upon the fields, noble Robert, Baron, and serene Gabrielle, Baroness, open the halls of Wyewood for a winter feast to honor and celebrate our quintessential patron saint, Saint Bubba.

Come be seated at the tables of the Lord and Lady of Wyewood. Participate or witness the competition to be the next baronial Arts & Sciences champion. Attend a class on getting situated in our Society. Perhaps compete in a rapier tourney of fun and evil? Most certainly stay and attend a Wyewood feast that follows the travels of Saint Bubba across the Known World until his arrival at the walls of Chepstow!

What: The Feast of Saint Bubba

When: Saturday, January 16th, 2016.

Where: Maple Valley Community Center,
22010 SE 248th Street, Maple Valley, WA 98038

Time: Doors open at 10AM, Feast begins at 6PM.

Fees: Gate is $12/Adult, 18 & younger free ($5 Non-member surcharge applies). Feast is $8 for ages 7 and older, free for ages 6 and under.

Pre-registration: The feast is by pre-reg only. To pre-reg, visit and click on Pre-reg.

More info: Additional information about all the activities, full feast info, and more can be found at

Written by my own paw this sixth day of December, Anno Societatis 50, from my warm manorial roost in Wyewood


Upcoming Activities within Wyewood

Below is a list of our upcoming activities within Wyewood. This is NOT meant to be a comprehensive list of events in the surrounding areas or include a copy of our Baroness and Baron’s progress during this holiday season.

– Dec-11 … Business Meeting & Sergeantry Q&A

– Dec-25 … Business Meeting Cancelled – Enjoy time with your Loved Ones!

– Jan-08 … FCS – Tymme has agreed to open the church for populace members not away at 12th Night in Portland.

– Jan-16 … Feast of St. Bubba – Be there for the festivities!

– Jan-22 … Business Meeting

– Feb-12 … FCS

– Feb-26 … Business Meeting

In Service,

Lady Alessandra da Montefeltro
Seneschal Wyewood

Baronial progress

Sat Dec 5th
Dragonslaire Yule: Gabrielle
Yule Three Mountains: Robert

Sat Dec 12th
Yule Feast Glymm Mere : Gabrielle
Good Yule Aquaterra: Robert

Sat Dec 19th
Yule Dragons Mist: Gabrielle

January 8-10
Twelfth Night Dragon’s Mist: Robert and Gabrielle

January 16
Feast of St. Bubba Wyewood: Robert and Gabrielle

January 29-31
Ursalmas Aquaterra: Robert and Gabrielle

February 6
Candlemas Blath an Oir : Gabrielle Robert (maybe)

In loving service,


Seeking recommendations for the Wyeknot

Greetings onto the Barony of Wyewood.

We are coming upon our winter feast. During this time we
traditionally give out Wyewoods highest award. The Wyeknot.
We do not have to give one out each year, but we’d really,
really, really, like to.

The Wyeknot is given out for long and dedicated activity in
the Barony for Martial, A&S, or Service. Or, any combination of
the three. A similar award in Madrone is the Red Branch.
In Blatha An Oir it is similar to the L’Ordre du Gaunt d’Or.

One of the “requirements” of the Wyeknot is: “Wyewood just
wouldn’t be the same without them here.” Don’t worry about
if the person you recommend may not have some of our
lower awards. Since we are new, we will be doing some of
this “out of order” for a while. ;{)

The members of the Order of the Wyeknot, Myself and
her excellency are waiting to hear from you.

Also, if you know of anyone who is deserving of recognition
for any award, or a Piece of the True Wye, please contact us
before January.

Thank you!
In Service

Robert and Gabrielle, Baron and Baroness of Wyewood

Wyewood business meeting minutes 5/22/2015

Wyewood business meeting minutes 5/22/2015
taken by Wyewood Chronicler Vashti of Wyewood (Megan Robertson)
7:10 open
HERALD – (Mir) Esclarmonde has been teaching classes. Mir is cooking up something.
RAPIER- (Don Donato) Rapier is happening. Evrard goes over staying off the grass at the next 3 practises to keep the grass nice for EggFest on 6/6/2015
ARCHERY- (Evrard) Lots happening, more people than ever at practise. We now have 3 butts for TW. We’ll have new hay bales after EggFest. Old hay will be given to Mir for the chickens or composted. Archery cancelled for the next 3 weeks.
A&S- No report
CHATELAINE- (Gwen) One person contacted Gwen. She has KWH with her and they are for sale for $25.
EXCHEQUER- (Sofia) We have $5818.73 in checking and $6693.99 in savings.
CHRONICLER- (Vashti) Working on a new newsletter, hopes to publish once a month. Investigating report submission requirements to Kingdom Chronicler.
CHAMBERLAIN- (Don Donato) Robert has the thrones, everything else from Crown that’s not needed for Junefaire has been taken back to storage.
WEBSTER- (Isadora) Working on a template for End of Event reporting. Referred to Kingdom website for an example.
BARONAGE- (Robert) May Crown was great. (Gabrielle) Will never again *not* warn her Herald or Seneschal when she has presentations in Court. She has been asked to do Queen’s Guard, a great honour. From the Noble Estates meeting at Crown: How do we retain membership? What about a “Come as You Were” event with all our first terrible attempts at garb on display?
Progress- (Gabrielle) Won’t be at Arts Unframed.
Retinue meeting on Tuesday.
Much thanking of retinue for taking care of the B&B
ITHRA- No report.
CHAMPIONS- (Event Stewrd: Vashti) Moving along, most everything in place.
ARTS UNFRAMED- (Event Stewrd: Esclarmonde) Will be at Junefaire to invite people and hang up fliers in biffies.
YULE/ST BUBBA- (Event Steward:) Feast and Rapier tournament. Site is GMVCC. Pre-register for Feast, see bid.
Feast of St. Bubba Bid is voted on and approved.
12TH NIGHT- Crown will not make a decision until July Coronation.
EVENT BID SUBMISSION FORMS- Please add to website.
JULY CORONATION GATE HELP-Lady Fionghuala (sp?) of Midhaven came to ask The Barony for help at gate at July Coronation. Wyewood votes and approves to provide workers for Gate from 10am-2pm on Saturday July 18, 2015.
JUNE 12 COSTUMING CLASS- There will be a costuming class June 12, 2015 with Yvette (Mrs. Spoon).
LAMPWORKING CLASS- July 12, 2015. $6 fee.
BARONIAL MARSHAL REQUIREMENTS- Quarterly report needs to be done. Evrard will fill this postion.
HOSPITALITY- Hospitality is being coordinated by Arabella and Ramona. They are looking for wood bowls and small plates.
Much discussion followed about Event Bid Submission forms.
Meeting closes.

Business Meeting – April 24, 2015

Barony of Wyewood
Business Meeting – April 24, 2015
Minutes taken by Gabrielle Lepinay
HERALD: Awards passed, many things in progress. Court report from Spring Faire and Ithra sent in.
RAPIER: Happened. Cancelled tomorrow. Gabri willing to marshal future practices as needed.
CHRONICLER: Resume submitted by Vashti. She was a member of the Communist Party. Gabri asked why she wanted to be a chronicler and she gave excellent reasons and experience. Voted unanimimous for all members present. (6 ½ with baron absent.)
CHAMBERLAIN: Keys should go to seneschal, chamberlain, exchequer and B&B. Only have 3 keys. Need to bump issue to Etienette – action item taken by seneschal. All is well. Stuff is in storage.
ARCHERY: Strong practice with 34 attending, many newcomers. Quiver class was a success.
A&S: No report: Thread workers, culinary, scribal happening.
CHATELAINE: Nothing to report.
EXCHEQUER: Quarterly report sent in, and balanced. We have money.
WEBSTER: Website exists. Working on calendar stability. Checking into hosting everything on
BARONAGE: Baroness War a successful event. Support of many creating largess and supporting the B&B let Wyewood shine. Thomas shot archery for us, and some might great mercinaries fought armored and rapier. The baroness was allowed to shoot arrows and hit people with swords. Emergency coronet made during event a success, and stored with B&B supplies.

Applications for Chronicler: See officer report.
Mar 21-2015 Spring Fair and Ithra- Alamanda absent. Isadora reported NMS check written. The event at the very least broke even. Working on final numbers.
August 8-2015… Champions (Vashti) Event proposal corrected and approved. Need commitment to clean up, and someone or someones attending Crown and June Faire to take flyers to advertise.
Sept26-2015… Arts Unframed (Dame Esclarmonde) Waiting insurance certificate, site secured. Will advertise heavily at Junefaire.
Jan-2017… 12th Night. Per Liadinn there will be no update until after May Crown.

January 16-2016 … Yule “Feast of Saint Bubba” bid (Avine) Possilbe classes, dance, rapier. Discussion of $10 vs $15 feast feee. Discussion in favor of $10. Several options presented. Will revamp and represent at next meeting.
Autocrat/ Event Steward files are on Website- worksheets on site under document.s.
Please let Lady Kira know ASAP is you want to camp with Wyewood at An Tir- West on Facebook or through Baroness or Seneschal.
The Baron will be taking the field at An Tir- West. Evrard requests surcoat be made to make him look good. Haldora/ Nicole volunteered to do this.
Registration is needed for camping with Wyewood at June Faire. Space on the eric also reserved by Ramona- donations for hospitality table very welcome.
Meeting closes.